What makes someone beautiful?


To us, beauty looks like strength, spirit and self-confidence. Nowhere have we found the combination more apparent than with ladies of shred.

Snowboard. Skateboard. Surfboard.


Our boards give us the means to express ourselves, wherever we may be. When we do things that make us happy, it does good for those around us and good for the world.

The last ingredient:


You push yourself and try everything. Opinions don’t matter. Getting hurt never lasts long. Your determination inspires others. You’re having the most fun. You’re a badass.

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Women on boards are changing the world.

We each have our own stories, and each is a story worth telling.

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Thank you for being part of Lady Days.

Truth is, you are Lady Days.

You’re the stories we tell, the photos we take, the memories we make and the reason we’re here.

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